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Making battery operation smart, as it should be

Connect WatchDog monitoring and leverage machine learning to make data driven decision, improving operations, reliability and life of your battery assets. 


Cost Effective

WatchDog battery monitors are low cost and simple to install.


WatchDog cloud analytics assure battery reliability, efficiency & safety


WatchDog monitoring alerts battery theft and tampering


WatchDog continuously provides expert actionable information 

What you get:

Years of knowledge

Analytic packages

Battery Monitoring


WatchDog improves reliability and optimizes operation for multiple battery applications. 

Battery Manufacturers

Set complete battery history to find signs of misuse and create documentation. Reduce service costs leveraging data to dictate maintenace schedules.

Battery Distributers

Gather data needed to monitor customer applications, helping improve product performance while preventing future warranty claims. 

Fleet Operators

Improve operational uptime of your assets, while ensuring they remain within geo-location limits. Track charging and optimize your maintenance schedules. 

Equipment Owners

Track operating time, charging frequency and signs of abuse. Track and locate expensive assets and optimize their performance.

WatchDog brings battery status, location and alerts directly to you 

Monitor battery service, charge and rest times. Leverage machine learning to optimize battery operation. Receive alerts and expert advice to correct harmful usage patterns. 

All by your WatchDog.

Get Started

For inquiries, questions, or to get WatchDog integrated into your system give us a call or fill out the form and a representative will contact you. 

+ 1 480 988 6443

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