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WatchDog® Beta Test

WatchDog International has developed an IoT enabled battery monitoring system for providing expert management of batteries located anywhere in the connected world. WatchDog algorithms, powered by Cloud based artificial intelligence, monitor battery state-of-health, proper charging and battery usage, while predicting remaining time in operation, and tracking proper maintenance. WatchDog expert monitoring ensures that battery powered equipment operation is optimized, and battery performance is maximized. It’s like having a battery expert continually reviewing operation of your battery powered. We are looking for beta test partners to install some WatchDog units on equipment and we are hoping that you may be interested.

WatchDog International is currently conducting a Beta Test Program to validate its analytical algorithms. This data is collected directly from battery systems operated by Beta Test Program participants using installed WatchDog units. We invite you to become a Beta Test Program participant and see the future of battery system operation.

As a Beta Test Program participant, you will receive WatchDog hardware to install on batteries operated in the day-to-day conduct of your business. This hardware will be provided at no cost and is easily installed by connecting two wires to the battery to be monitored. You will be asked to provide details of the where and on what the WatchDog is installed. You will also be provided access to the WatchDog web portal to view up-to-date battery data and analytics. Periodically, you will be asked to provide feedback on the operation of the WatchDog hardware and of the value of the analytics provided via the web portal.

It is anticipated that the Beta Test Program will have a 6-month duration but may be terminated by WatchDog International at any time. Again, there is no cost to participate in the Beta Test Program. Please fill in the below form including a brief description of the application and we will be in touch with you ASAP.


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