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WatchDog Hardware

WatchDog™ Hardware easily installs by connecting two wires to the battery and continuously collects and logs key data:

  • battery voltage

  • battery temperature

  • geolocation

  • time


WatchDog Data Exchange

WatchDog™ Data Exchange secures data transfer between WatchDog hardware, WatchDog cloud diagnostics and WatchDog user interface:

  • using secure cellular technology and protocols

  • export raw data for analysis

WatchDog Cloud Diagnostics

WatchDog™ Cloud Diagnostics utilizes key

data to analyze operating status and battery condition:

  • algorithm for diagnostics embedded in patented software solution

  • historical data used to predict battery life and service requirements

  • geolocation tracked

  • abnormal conditions and operations alarmed


WatchDog User Interface

WatchDog™ user interface provides rapid, concise and accurate view of battery operations:

  • operation history and battery condition displayed by user interface

  • remote access to all battery data

  • geolocation tracking

  • flexible user interface, extensive reporting

  • messaging of alerts to multiple devices from smartphone to desktop

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