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WatchDog Benefits

OEM / Resellers
  • establish long-term customer relationships

  • enable business growth, potential first to market advantage

  • detect failures early and proactively replace

  • differentiate battery supplier performance

  • minimize battery downtime and enhance battery lifetime

  • optimize leasing models

  • support warranty management

  • provide fraud detection

  • enable remote inventory and transport control

  • expand scope of business by providing value added services

  • impact sustainability

  • extend battery lifetime

  • protect the environment through responsible use of resources

  • reduce CO2 emission

  • customer experience

  • security and reliability

  • early failure detection and pro-active replacement

  • high value, small price (value for money)

  • theft protection

  • traceability

  • newest technology

  • remote access to battery

  • extended battery lifetime

  • always ready to use

  • geo tracking

  • sustainability impact (green flavor)

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