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IoT Enabled Battery Diagnostics

WatchDog™ gathers data from battery powered equipment located anywhere in the world, then turns that data into actionable information to increase battery performance and life.

  • Know the status of your battery powered equipment no matter where it is in the world

  • Track the health of your battery powered equipment BEFORE it fails to meet its mission

  • Track how your battery powered equipment is being used

  • Compare the performance of various batteries in real life operation

  • Optimize your battery operation utilizing machine learning algorithms 

Why Use WatchDog?

Get connected with your operations using Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Battery Diagnostics letting you know the status of your battery powered equipment no matter where it is in the world.

  • Extends battery life

  • Optimizes operation

  • Improves reliability


Who Should Use WatchDog?


  • Is your equipment under utilized? – WatchDog™ tracks the time your equipment is operating, charging and resting, so you know for certain.

  • Is your battery being abused? – WatchDog™ tracks how frequently your battery is being charged and notifies you if it is undercharged.

  • Do you know where your equipment is? – WatchDog™ will pin point the location of each piece of your equipment (“equipment finder”)

  • Are you getting the performance promised from your battery? – WatchDog™ provides concise and accurate performance information available anywhere over the Internet.




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